Surface Cleaning

Surface Cleaners: A complete range of cleaners & disinfectants for Clinical areas within the practice. All are fit for purpose and have MSD Sheets. CE marked for use within the Dental Practice. All comply to the HTM01-05 guidelines.


  • Non Alcohol - Wipes &...

    A range of universal wipes and sprays for any surface: , Stainless Steel, Laminate, Corian Work Tops,Plastic, Vinyl, Leather, Porcelain  in all a truly universal system of surface disinfection.

  • Alcohol Wipes & Sprays

    Alcohol based Wipes and Sprays

  • Non Linting Dry Wipes

    Non Linting Maxi Wipes. Ideal for drying instruments prior to completing a Residual Protein Test. A must have for every Decon Room.