Instrument Processing

Products designed to be used for cleaning and disinfecting instruments within the practice


  • Instrument Cleaning

    Products for the decontamination of dental instruments used in practice.

  • Instrument Inspection

    Inspecting instruments is a fundamental part of the decontamination process. As such Quality Water Specialists offer a range of inspection lamps to assist in ensuring the highest standards of instrument decontamination.

  • Instrument Transport

    The processing of contaminated instruments is necessary to ensure clean and sterile instruments are used on each new patient. To do this a decontamination process is usually carried out using either Ultrasonic or Washer Disinfector cleaning leading on to the sterilization via autoclave, which should ideally be a vacuum Class B. This is due to the type of instruments found within the practice: ie not just solid but also a range of different hollow instruments that need a vacuum autoclave to ensure sterilization of the internal surfaces.