Dental Unit Waterlines

Quality Water Specialists offer a full range of clinically proven dental unit water line cleaning, disinfection and auditing products to ensure compliance to the HTM01-05 and European standards of potable water in dental practices.

1. Compliant to the HTM01-05

2. Compliant to EU98/83 New Water Regulations (Drinking Quality Water Less than 100cfu.)

3. Compliant to ISO 16954 July 2015 (Biofilm removal from DUWL's)

A total system to ensure compliance to all the current standards

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  • Biofilm Removal

    These products are designed for the specific purpose of removing Biofilm from Dental Unit Water Lines and then ensuring they can't reform by maintaining the water quality thereafter.

  • Dental Unit Waterlines...

    Maintain the integrity of your Dental Unit Waterlines. Disinfection is a critical part of providing potable water to your patients. These products provide a solid disinfection protocol for your DUWLS.

  • Auditing & Certification

    Ensure you meet all standards for potable water from your dental unit waterlines by routinely sampling your water.

    The QWS Red Samplers have been shown to be as accurate as a traditional TVC from a UKAS Accredited Lab.

  • Handpiece Water Lines

    The missing link in the water chain from source to patient. Treating the main dental unit water lines is great but what about the water lines running through the handpiece itself? These products are designed to gently clean and disinfect the water and air lines in a handpiece to eliminate any biofilm hazard present and therefore completing a full DUWL protocol.

  • Equipment

    Dental Unit Water Line Equipment. A clean water bottle system that is easy to fit and has the benefit of a 1.5 litre bottle.