Quality Water Specialist's full range of  cleaning products covering all areas of the  practice  this includes janitorial supplies for the office and communal areas of the practice. In addition we have a full range of cleaning products for Aspirators, Washer Disnfectors and Ultrasonic.

We also offer  a complete range of Wipes and Sprays for use in the clinical areas of the practice.

Always ensure any products used in the practice are fit for purpose and the supplier can provide MSDA Data for each product.


  • Janitorial

    A range of Hospital Grade janitorial cleaning products that are fit for purpose. The whole range  allows the practice to operate a fully compliant cleaning protocol, and has the benefit that products all come from one manufacturer, so is a totally intergrated system. Compliant to the HTM01-05 guidelines.

  • Instrument Processing

    Products designed to be used for cleaning and disinfecting instruments within the practice

  • Mechanical Cleaning

    Quality Water Specialists equipment cleaning and disinfection products designed to ensure high quality, compliant cleaning and disinfection for all your dental equipment. The ideal choice for ensuring your Washer Disinfector and Aspirator system is working to the maximum efficiency.

  • Specialist Cleaners

    This range of specialists cleaners are designed for effective cleaning on specialised areas within the dental practice. In this section we have a range of products to disinfect impressions, remove impression material from trays.

    • Impression Disinfectant
    • Impression Tray Cleaner
    • Orange Solvent
    • Autoclave chamber Cleaner

    As we add more specialist cleaners, be sure to re-visit this section.

  • Surface Cleaning

    Surface Cleaners: A complete range of cleaners & disinfectants for Clinical areas within the practice. All are fit for purpose and have MSD Sheets. CE marked for use within the Dental Practice. All comply to the HTM01-05 guidelines.