Quality Water Specialists comprehensive range of products to ensure the practice can validate all the processes used within the practice to meet the required standards under the HTM01-05 guidelines.


  • Residual Protein Tests

    Residual Protein Tests are an important part of compliance protocol. Quality Water Specialists offers a range of tests that meet all required standards and offer an easy to use accurate product to ensure full compliance with HTM01-05 guidelines.

  • Cleaning Indicators

    Cleaning indicators offer a process challenge test to ensure cleaning cycles are producing effective, consistent results. Quality Water Specialists can offer a range of cleaning indicators to suit almost every combination of equipment and detergent.

  • Helix/Bowie Dick Tests

    Helix devices are used to validate the efficacy of an autoclave cycle by providing a challenge test. Quality Water Specialists provides a Helix device designed specifically for dental.

  • Steam Indicator Tests

    Steam indicator tests ensure that an Autoclave cycle has effectively sterilised the entire chamber area. Quality Water Specialists have a range of steam indicators for different Class machines and applications.

  • Auditing and Traceability

    Being able to trace medical sterilisation process is a very important part of decontamination. Quality Water Specialists have specialist products to make the accurate auditing and tracing of sterilisation processes easy and effective.

  • Foil Testing (Ultrasonic)

    A complete range of foil testing products to make the ultrasonic performance testing quick and easy.